September, 2012
Subject: Eastern Alloy Inc. receives DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Freight Container Type Approval

Eastern Alloy worked diligently with the DNV, Engineering Firm, and two testing facilities to acquire the Type approval. It took a lot of effort and man hours to complete the task. The project took five months to complete with several months of planning prior to the start of manufacture.
The DNV 2.7-1 Type Approval is for Offshore Freight Containers certifying the design, manufacture, testing, markings, and periodic inspections. Receiving the Type approval permits Eastern Alloy to build the same design within a four year period.
The canister is made up of pedigree structural materials, passing charpy impact tests at a design temperature of -40C. Testing included a drop test & several load tests with pre & post NDE of welds and supporting structural members. y.