Located in Donora, Pennsylvania, USA, Eastern Alloy, Inc. has been meeting the demands of its customers' needs for over 20 years. Our manufacturing facility is the center of excellence for the production of turbomachinery steel canisters / containers. Providing ample space (12,000 square ft.), our manufacturing facilities maintain routine production schedules, as well as respond to calls for emergency service.


Our fully-equipped production facility has an excellent performance record of maintaining on-time delivery for scheduled customer orders. Our 10-ton capacity overhead crane enables us to maintain a smooth flow of production materials and canister / container assembly lines throughout our plant.


Welders at Eastern Alloy, Inc. are highly skilled and experienced, and all are certified to ASME Section IX and to AWS D-1.1 structural steel welding code. We work with carbon and low alloy steels, various stainless steel grades, as well as the toughest high nickel alloys.