HISTORY and achievements

It all started in 1989 with a simple but powerful idea – design, machine, and weld heavy-duty turbomachinery lube system baseplates and related oil tanks. Eastern Alloy, Inc. set out to make life easier for turbomachinery manufacturers and end-users worldwide.

Within a few years and frustrated with under qualified metal canisters / containers during the shipping and storage processes, Eastern Alloy set out to protect expensive turbomachinery equipment. They discovered that the secret to an easier, safer, and more durable steel canister / container was listening to their customers.

Steel canisters / containers from Eastern Alloy, Inc. became an instant success. The result is a series of products as reliable as they are remarkable; as usable as they are unique. Today Eastern Alloy, Inc. offers products and services to customers throughout the world.


Our steel canisters / containers for turbomachinery equipment have been used in industries such as:

• Petrochemicals
• Chemicals
• Utilities
• Refining
• Oil and Gas
• Power Generation

And have been used throughout the world for shipment and storage of:

• Turbo Rotors
• Armatures
• Rotor Bundles
• Nozzles
• Diaphrams
• Couplings
• Bearings
• Seals
• Gear Boxes
• Compressors
• Bull Gears
• Pinions
• Turbo Expanders